Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on during my programming lifetime. Some are experiments, other full-fledged products made for clients here in Bolivia and abroad.

I’m always looking for new exciting products to work on, if you think I would be a good fit for your vision don’t hesitate to give me a call and we can collaborate.

Open Source Projects

You can view my open source projects by visiting my GitHub page:



GoldRemates.com [During the FIRST iteration – Current aspect is nothing like I left it.]

I built this website from the ground up and the current website uses the backend I created along with some of the design, although the current iteration is very different than what I originally built. I no longer work here.

Built using .NET 4 / C# / ASP.Net MVC3

Using SignalR for long polling, I created a bidding website that’s very popular here in Bolivia. Thanks to SignalR I created an MVC3 website that is very responsive and provides users with real time updates on current bids.

Digital Security Systems

When I was first contacted by DSS, they had a website but the content was no manageable. Every time they added new products to their inventory, they had to contact their on-site engineer and he would write a new .aspx file for that product.

A lot of time and man power was wasted cobbling together bits and pieces of files

I created a CMS system, tailor built for their specific needs that allowed them to easily add not only products, but also prices, images and more content relevant to the product.

The site also allowed them to register their users and easily see who is interested in what; they could upload their product catalog and offer it as a download; upload files such as firmwares, user manuals and more to a specific product.

Their entire business was now successfully transferred online

Built using .NET 4 / C# / ASP.Net MVC3 / Entity Framework 4

Desktop Applications


Built using .NET 4 / C# / Entity Framework 4.

This software was built from the ground up for schools here in Bolivia. It has pretty much what you’d expect from a school software – students, teachers, grades, report cards, honor rolls – the works.

The design was specifically made to emulate Facebook’s look and feel because the people who were going to interact with the application were secretaries who were already very familiar with Facebook’s user experience. As testament to this decision, I’m happy to say that I’ve not received calls asking how to do this or that – usage is pretty straightforward with a heavy lean on speed.



Oracle of Legends

Official site: http://oracleoflegends.sergiotapia.com

Built using .NET 3.5 (for compatibility) / C# / WPF.

I built this application with my brother as the designer. It allows players to easily see the champions available in the game and get to know their strengths, weaknesses, recommended items and guides; all directly from within the application.

The end result is a sleek UI, a responsive UX and simplicity.

XML parsing, HTML scraping, asynchronous requests, WPF animations, embedding resources to make the app portable.

Oracle of Legends

Oracle of Newerth

Built using .NET 4 / C# / WPF.

I built this application during the time Heroes of Newerth was in closed beta and onwards. I built it because I wanted to learn how WPF worked and how much it helped me give my applications nice animations that would accentuate the purpose of the app.

The result was pretty good and well received in the HoN community. Unfortunately, I lost the time to continue playing and in turn couldn’t update the application as more heroes and items were released.

XML parsing, using resources and web manipulation was paramount to this project.

Oracle of Newerth


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