10 comments on “Why does the iPhone use Objective-C?

  1. this language is big trash. Nowadays with Scala, Ruby and still Java (back to 90’s). Apple decided working with this language of 80’s. Fuck apple.

    • The reason they use this language is not because it is good/bad, but because it has legacy.

      A lot of the foundation is built with Objective-C, just like Windows XP – Vista – 7 is built with C foundations. A lot of the core has X, therefore X will be used.

      • Legacy? What legacy? Apple rebuilt their OS on BSD Unix so they could have retooled a language at that point instead of falling on some 80’s garbage.

      • I think that this low-level language is ok for system programming. But Apple could have provided an option for developing iPhone apps using another language… I develop for this platform and it’s a pain. Just like Android SDK and NDK.

  2. I’ve heard that Borland (ops! Embarcadero) will announce a version of Delphi language that compiles directly into native iPhone’s native code. It’ll be great. Delphi syntax is so much understandable than Objective-C, and very powerfull. I bet on it.

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  4. Objective-C = Devil Language. I develop my iOS applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript running using PhoneGap framework. A lot better and easier 😉

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